Beyonce Provides Clean Water For Children In Burundi

Beyonce’ has partnered with UNICEF to launch the BEYGOOD4BURUNDI campaign, aiming to provide water to children in Burundi, Africa.

Beyonce’ released an official statement expressing the importance for all people especially to have access to clean water.

“Access to water is a fundamental right,” Beyonce said. “When you give children clean and safe water, you don’t just give them life, you give them health, an education, and education and a brighter future. I am committed to helping drive lasting solutions to the water crisis in Burundi.”

As a mother with newborn twins, the 20-time Grammy Award Winner, already has a personal connection with children.

Having access to food and water are essential for all humans survival. Since children are more susceptible to disease exposure, they are also more vulnerable to the effects of unsafe water. According to Blavity, often times children risk missing school from traveling long routes in order to find potable water.

BEYGOOD4BURUNDI’s campaign will work to build more accessible water wells and sanitation facilities in schools.

To learn more about Beyonce’s initiaitive and to help, see here.

 – Contributed by Devyn Rorie

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