Bill Cosby’s Legal Team Decides To Part Ways

Contributed by Anaya Ray 

Weeks into Bill Cosby‘s imprisonment his legal team has cut ties and withdrawn from his defense.

In a Pennsylvania court last week both Joseph P. Green, counsel, and Peter Goldberger, co-counsel, withdrew their appearance on behalf of Cosby.

In an interview with the Deadline, Green commented on his decision to withdraw from the defense team.

“My work has ended,” he told Deadline removing any doubts one may have of his role on the team.

So far there are no concrete answers as to why Green and Goldberger cut ties. It has neither been confirmed nor denied if the two were let go or if they resigned, but a close source hinted at the latter scenario being more likely than the other.

While Green and Goldberger announced their departure for it to be official Judge Steven O’Neil will have to formally approve.

The two lawyers aren’t the first to withdraw from Cosby’s defense team, they actually replaced the legal team led by Tom Mesereau in August of 2017.

As of right now, Brian Perry and Kristen L. Welsenberger are going to be at the forefront handling Cosby’s appeal.

As reported in an earlier article from WHUR, Cosby asked his lawyers to overturn his 3-10 year sentence and get rid of the conviction.

Even though new lawyers are in the picture now, D.A. Kevin Steele‘s office still has until October 19 to deny or go forward with the motion.

With the constant changes on his defense team and the ongoing motion Cosby’s case still has more in store.

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