Black Beauty Entrepreneur Makes A Million Dollars In Just 90 Minutes

Contributed by Shawna Mizelle

Raynell Steward aka Supa Cent rose to popularity online by showcasing her personality with Vine and Instagram videos. Like many others Supa used her social media platform to create a brand and generate business. Yet the creativity and dedication Supa exhibited with her cosmetic line ‘The Crayon Case‘ has separated her from most and made her a millionaire! The black business woman set a company record on Cyber Monday when she made a million dollars in sales in just 90 minutes.

The Crayon Case is a cosmetic line featuring a plethora of products like setting powder, lip stick, and the very popular Box of Crayons eyeshadow pallet that even caught the attention of Crayola. In the companies biggest sale of the year they offered customers 60% off for Cyber Monday. By 10:13 A.M. the brand already accumulated 10,000 orders. Not too long after that The Crayon Case had reached one million in sales.

In an Instagram caption Supa shared,

“2016 vs 2018 . Humble beginnings☺️. 2016 was 70k a year. In 2018, 70k a month is an extremely SLOW month! God told me to wait my turn. I waited.. Im blessed. Thank you.”

Supa was congratulated by celebrities and fans who have followed her journey.

Those who have followed Supa’s journey watched her go from waitressing, living in an apartment, just trying to take care of her son to making a millions, engaged, with a new home, and a daughter on the way.

Raynell Steward is the definition of goals and so deserving of her success. Congratulations Supa!

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