‘Black Panther’ Will Be The First Film Shown In Saudi Arabia In 35 Years

Black Panther continue to shatter records more than a month and a half after its release and we are here for it. And according to Variety,

Disney and its Middle East distribution partner, Italia Film, will be releasing the Marvel superhero blockbuster April 18 in a new AMC-branded movie theater in Riyadh with a gala premiere.

The ‘Black Panther’ bow will mark the first screening of a film release in the kindgom since movie theaters were banned in the early 1980s, after Saudi Arabia adopted ultraconservative religious standards in 1979. Removal of the ban, announced last December, is part of a drive by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to transform Saudi society.

As of Monday, the Marvel and Disney movie has earned $652.5 million at the domestic box office and more than $1.2 billion worldwide, both of which are milestones. The film has surpassed Frozen and Jurassic World, which means Black Panther now has the fourth-highest domestic box office ever — it trails only Avatar, Titanic, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


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