Report: Marriage Gets Better With Time

Contributed by Taylor Ardrey

Good news married couples! Scientists have proven that marriage is like fine wine and gets better over time.

Many aspects of marriage including children, trust issues and financial problems can cause a lot of emotional strain. However, over time couples become more understanding and willing to compromise when it comes to these issues.

According to a recent study published in Social Networks and the Life Course

“Across the full sample, happiness declined gradually during the first 20 years of marriage and then stabilized. Participation in shared activities declined during the first 20 years of marriage and then increased, whereas discord declined continuously. These trends depended, however, on whether marriages ended in divorce. Overall, and contrary to some prior studies, our results suggest that marriages that remain together show little evidence of deterioration in relationship quality over the marital life course. Nevertheless, period effects were apparent, with marital relationships (irrespective of duration) becoming more troubled during the 1980s and 1990s but rebounding in 2000.”

This may mean less dinner dates and trips to the movies, but it also means that couples who stay together for over more than 20 years spend more quality time with one another, learn each others likes and dislikes and work as a team.

So what’s the secret to a long-lasting happy marriage?

Check out this couple that stayed together happily for 68 years:


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