El DeBarge Pens Letter To His Fans: “I Am No Longer Afraid To Stand Up For Myself”

Contributed by BreAnna Bell

Legenday singer, El DeBarge, pens a heartfelt message to his fans to thank them and dispell other rumors about him and his family.

Debarge posted the message to twitter captioning, “To my friends and fans.”  In his message, he addresses the rumors saying, “I will admit that the posts that I have read so far are all true and they are coming from a good place, defending what is right and standing against what is wrong – something I should’ve done for myself a long time ago!”

The singer goes on to say he is seeking help and he’s no longer afraid of standing up for himself.

Just last week, the “Rhythm of the Night” singer was arrested after getting into an argument with a man in California, chasing him out of a house, and attacking the windshield of the RV where the man was hiding. DeBarge was charged with felony vandalism and stayed a night in jail before posting his $20,000 bail.



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