Historic Emmett Till Marker Vandalized on Mississippi Freedom Trail

The historic Emmett Till marker along the Mississippi Freedom Trail has been damaged for the second time in the past two months.

The civil rights monument sits just outside the grocery store where 14-year-old Emmett Till was said to have whistled at a white woman. Due to the damage caused by vandals, the marker will have to be refurbished.

CNN reported that the marker has suffered scratches and the coating was peeled off the back, containing pictures and written information about Till.

Allan Hammons, manager of the Mississippi Freedom Trail, acknowledged the historic purpose that the marker serves.

“What Mississippi chose to do by creating the freedom trail was committing themselves to telling the unvarnished truth,”said Hammons. “People were outraged and shocked at this incredible criminal act.”

In 1995, Emmitt Till was kidnapped and lynched following the incident at Bryant Grocery Store. The two white men responsible for his death were arrested but later acquitted by an all-white jury in Mississippi.

Emmett Till’s death was pivotal in the civil rights movement because of his mother’s decision to have an open casket at his funeral, allowing spectators to see her sons disfigured body.

It is still unknown if the vandalism was racially charged or not. However, Till’s marker is the only one on the freedom trail that has been vandalized to date.

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