Fans Defend Clark Sisters Against Wendy Williams

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Wendy Williams usually always finds herself in the hot seat because of her candid opinions on pop culture and her most recent run-in is no different.

During her Wednesday show, Williams made comments about the iconic gospel group, The Clark Sisters. She questioned their contribution to the genre by stating that they have never received a number one hit while discussing Snoop Dogg’s new gospel album.

@wendyshow These women have done more than number 1 on the charts. Their lives have matched what they sing about. Somehow they’ve managed to sing about #Jesus in one of the smallest, but most effective genres of music, have influenced masses and influenced those who influence the masses. In addition, they’ve managed to take their message to some of the world’s most biggest platforms and their message still translates through generations. Not to mention those they’ve mentored and managed to genuinely pray and show concern for you, when YOU passed out; while the world waited for your demise. Be careful who you come for. Not everyone is worth it!! This is a different caliber of people. We pray you have peace of mind and successful rest. #receipts #facts #number1FemaleGospelGroup #theClarkSisters #Wendy #TheWendyShow

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According to Vibe, Williams stated, “If I were the Clark Sisters, would I be mad that Snoop got to number one?” she asked her audience. “The Clark Sisters, they’ve been doing gospel forever, have they gotten a number one? Oh well, step up your game.”

The gospel community was outraged by Williams’ comments. Fred Hammond, Tasha Cobs, Kirk Franklin, Kierra Sheard, and Michelle Williams defended the group, who has been apart of the gospel community since the 1960s.

Check out some of the responses to the show from the gospel community below.


Kierra Sheard, daughter of Clark Sister Karten Clark Sheard, told Williams that the groups value goes beyond record sales, as reported by Ebony Magazine.

Despite Williams’ comments, The Clark Sisters actually have gone number one before and do have Grammys on their resume.

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