‘Girls Trip’ Exceeds Box Office Expectations

This past weekend was a complete slam-dunk for the new movie Girls Trip.

The Washington Post reports that for the very first time this summer, two non-franchise and non-superhero movies received the top spots at the box office beating War of the Planet of Apes and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Christopher Nolan’s spirited World War II drama Dunkirk ranks in at number one at the box office, earning an estimated $50.5 million. Girls Trip came in at second as this summer’s biggest comedy hit, ranking in at $30.8 million.

Malcolm D. Lee’s R-rated comedy chronicles four friends vacationing at the Essence Festival. The movie stars four black women: Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, and Tiffany Haddish.

Girls Trip’s immense success has engendered questions and debates about diversity in Hollywood. The last few years have proven that Hollywood consistently devalues movies with black and female leads. Hidden Figures was another box-office hit and is the top-grossing movie amongst all the 2017 Oscar best-picture nominations.

The Washington Post reports that Taraji P. Henson, actress, wrote on Instagram “I have been told my entire career ‘Black women can’t open films domestically or internationally.’ Well anything is possible.”

Complex reports that the stars of the movie are ecstatic about their new success and “flexed” a bit of their accomplishments and thanked their fans for making the movie such a big hit.

Girls Trip is proof that if Hollywood forgoes the conventional methods on how to make movies in this genre and focuses on creating movies that are enjoyable and relatable to viewers, they could continue to see box-office successes.

 – Contributed by Amaya Starkey

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