Is There a ‘Girlfriends’ Movie In The Works?

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Mara Brock Akil, the super producer behind TV shows ‘Girlfriends,’ ‘The Game,’ ‘Being Mary Jane,’ and most recently ‘Black Lightning,’ and ‘Love is,’ reportedly has a script ready for a ‘Girlfriends’ movie.

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The highly popular show was abruptly cancelled after eight seasons on air in 2008 and was never given a real ending the fans deserved. Essence reports, Brock Akil said she has been working to get the movie in studios for years now.

“I have tried,” the writer confessed. “Back in the day I would have done it for $5 million, or make a dollar out of 15 cents to tell this story. There’s been times where you might get some interest from the studios, but you don’t have all the actors, or you have the actors, but you don’t have the studio.”

While she wants to share the story of Girlfriends on the big screen, the writer says she’s in no hurry to rush anything.

“I’m just claiming that the story needs to be told, big, epicly, and right,” she said.

Brock Akil has since had to move away from Girlfriends in order to focus on other narratives, she feels need to be shared, as seen with her new show on OWN, ‘Love is,’ but she remains hopeful that one day, everyone will see the Girlfriends ending she always intended for the cast and show.

“To a studio that has $50 or 60 million that wants to go make an amazing ending to an epic television series,” she said, “let’s go do it.”

Tracee Ellis Ross, who played Joan on the show, says she would love to be involved in the movie or a reunion, should there be a chance!

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