K. Michelle Gets Emotional Discussing Health After Cosmetic Surgery


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Singer K. Michelle has been more than vocal about her decision to reverse some of her cosmetic surgery procedures like the removal of her butt implants.

The singer shared her ordeal back in December she was getting “foreign objects” removed from her body.

“Now it’s getting to the point where it’s affecting my health, my butt is so big and my legs are not holding about to support it,” she shared during an interview on “The Real”.

The “Can’t Raise A Man” singer shared that she has experienced numerous painful procedures, including blood transfusions, throughout the journey that was later posted to theJasmineBRAND’s Instagram account.

“I’ve been sick. I’m doing better so I love y’all, so much. It’s been so rough. I’ve had blood transfusions, everything. It’s been a really rough week.”

Earlier this year K. Michelle had some of her injections removed during a segment on “The Dr. Oz Show”, in January.

The butt injections were illegal and the surgeon who initially removed them shared that whoever performed the operation knew that it was an unsafe procedure.

“It’s illegal to inject anywhere. So …whoever did this, did something that we knew wouldn’t be good for you,” the surgeon said.

She later shared on the Steve Harvey Show that she would need to have more work done in attempts to correct the adverse affects of the foreign substances in her body. She also shared that this is a mistake she will not be making again.

“This will be my second surgery but I have learned my lesson.”

K. Michelle continues the video sharing that she is ultimately grateful to be alive and her tears were actually ones of joy.

“But I thank y’all for everything. I’m ok. I’m crying because I’m happy. I’m not crying because I’m sad. It’s been so painful. It’s been a lot. So I just thank God that I made it out on the other side.”

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