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Wednesday the Nashville Waffle House where gunman, Travis Reinking, 29, killed four innocent people resumed daily business for the first time since the shooting took place. Apparently, the restaurant chain has made plans memorialize Sunday’s victims.

This Waffle House, located in Antioch, Tennessee has vowed to donate all of its proceeds for the entire month of May to the families of all victims involved in the incident.

“It’s nice to see them getting back to how it was before this all happened. Not that we’re trying to forget. I won’t forget. I’ll remember ‘T’ forever,” Chuck Cordero, a witness and friend of a victim told CNN.

Family and friends of the victims of the shooting are still grieving and attempting to digest such a senseless loss. Here is a short glimpse of their beautiful lives.


Akilah Dasilva, 23

Akilah Dasilva was an extremely creative and talented young man. He was a musician and a videographer and his artist name was “Natrix Dream.” Dasilva was a student at Middle Tennessee State majoring in computer engineering technology said Jimmy Hart to the New York Times.

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Mr. Dasilva consistently added to his online files of work he produced himself. He often collaborated with his brother, Abede. His partner Tia Waggoner and his brother accompanied Mr. Dasilva during the night of the incident, as reported by The Tennessean.

Waggoner wrote on Facebook that she and Mr. Dasilva have been in a relationship for a little over five years.

“The pain is unbearable,” she wrote on her page.

DeEbony Groves, 21

Ms. Groves was a senior in college who worked two jobs and when she found free time away from her rigorous curriculum at Belmont University in Nashville. There is where she joined Delta Sigma Theta sorority. Regardless of her active schedule, Ms. Groves always made time to reach out to her loved ones.


Ms. Groves always found the opportunity to visit her loving grandmother. “Every chance she could get,” her grandmother, Carolyn Groves, said in an interview to the New York Times.

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Her annual visits with her grandmother were usually surprises. She would call her grandmother before lunchtime to inquire about their daily lunch choices. Ms. Groves would go spend the day with her then head back to her home in Portland, Nashville.


“She was a sweetheart,” her grandmother said.

Taurean C. Sanderlin, 29

Mr. Sanderlin was a Waffle House employee who is from Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

The Tennessean reports that the customer who retrieved the gun, James Shaw Jr., heard Mr. Sanderlin say to another coworker that he was about to take his break before leaving the building. Mr. Sanderlin was then murdered outside the restaurant according to police.

Walter G. Ehmer, the chief executive of Waffle House, claims that Mr. Sanderlin had worked for the chain restaurant for almost five years. He worked at this particular location for only five months.

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Joe R. Perez, 20

Mr. Perez was raised in Buda, Tex., which is on the outskirts of Austin. Ensuing his graduation from Hays High School back in 2016, he relocated to Nashville in order to find work with his two older brothers. Mr. Perez’s mother, Patricia, claimed that her last time speaking to him was last Saturday.

“I told him to be careful because he was out late,” she stated. “And he said he would.”

Patricia claims that the last time that she saw her son, who is her youngest child, earlier this year. The night of the fatal incident Patricia and her son discussed her coming to visit him in Nashville. He planned to see her on Wednesday when he picked her up from the airport.

“And now I will never see him again,” she said. “He was my baby.”




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