M.A.C Cosmetics Has Officially Announced The #AaliyahForMAC Collection

Contributed by Tayler Adigun

Aaliyah’s legacy will continue to live on through M.A.C Cosmetics new makeup line #AaliyahForMAC.

The collection is inspired by the glamour and style of the princess of R&B. M.A.C announced the long-awaited collection on an Instagram post earlier this week.

“Aaliyah super-fans everywhere- YOU made it happen! Inspired by your loyalty and love, the 90’s glam #AaliyahForMAC collection is coming soon! Aaliyah lives on in a makeup collection influenced by her
groundbreaking work in music and film.”

The makeup brand previewed a new lipstick that will be featured in the collection.

“Guess which song inspired this colour!? Here’s a sneak peak at the MAC Aaliyah collection, coming soon! Aaliyah’s legacy continues to inspire fans- and now this shade! #AaliyahForMAC.”

The cosmetics company also teased at a new eye shadow palette that will be apart of the #AaliyahforMAC family.

“Teaser number two for the MAC Aaliyah collection, coming to North America June 20 online and June21 in-stores! The lasting impact of @aaliyah_haughton_official carries on with an eye palette in sultry
hues. Which music video do you think inspired these shades?”

Aaliyah lovers and makeup enthusiasts alike can expect to get their hands on the collection late June, according to a tweet form the makeup brand.

“Yes the wait is almost over! #AaliyahforMAC arrives June 20 online and June 21 in stores.”

This collection, like all other M.A.C celebrity collaborations, will only be available for a limited time.


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