Mary J. Blige Admits She’s Emotionally Struggling Through Divorce

One thing WE all love about Mary J. Blige is that she keeps it real. Her non-apologetic rawness is somewhat her claim to fame. Fans have said Mary seems to make the best music when she’s hurting. During the most difficult time in her life, Mary decided to become completely transparent and gave The Breakfast Club in New York a very personal interview about the emotional turmoil she is currently battling since deciding to divorce from her husband of nine years, Martin ‘Kendu’ Isaacs.

I’m a hardcore Mary fan and I must say, it was difficult to watch portions of this interview. Who would have thought Mary J. Blige, a multi-platinum selling artist who has overcome so much in her life, isn’t as confident as she appears. In the interview she talked about being emotionally abused, manipulated, and taken advantage of by her husband for years. She even admitted to considering suicide several times.

“He told me my fans would no longer love me,” she shared in the interview. “And I believed him.” Mary admits to giving her husband far more control than she should have.

When Mary began writing the album a year ago, she was writing from the perspective of a woman fighting for her marriage. “I loved him and I wanted my marriage.”

Over time Mary came to the realization her husband no longer wanted the marriage. “He didn’t want the marriage. I did,” she admitted. She revealed the reality of the situation is that he [Kendu] was in love with someone else, a very hard pill to swallow.

A minor setback paves the way for a major comeback! Mary is picking herself up by her bootstraps and is excited about what’s to come, and so are we.

Mary’s latest album, Strength of a Woman, is scheduled to drop April 28.

“This album is about me and how I’ve been resilient through my life. I’ve had to survive many things and here I am having to survive something else. It’s about me and my strength as a woman,” she shared about her album.

We can’t wait to hear more Mary! And don’t worry. Your fans absolutely adore you!

To watch Mary’s full interview, check it out below:


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