Michael B. Jordan Adopts Inclusion Riders To Increase Diversity In Films

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Wednesday Michael B. Jordan announced that his company, Outlier Society Productions, would adopt inclusion riders in upcoming projects.

An inclusion rider is a stipulation that the cast and/or the crew in a film reflect real demographics, including a proportionate number of women, minorities, LGBTQ individuals and people with disabilities. Big-name actors who have leverage in negotiations could put this stipulation into their contracts and drastically change representation in film.

Jordan pledged that Outlier would meet certain diversity requirements, but there is no specification on what those standards will be.

Since his company launched in 2015, Jordan has been adamant in shedding light on issues that take place in American systems and hopes to use films to get people to think about the inequalities in the systems in place.

The Fruitvale Station star hopes to tell stories from the point of view of the oppressed in these situations.

“I want to tell the contemporary black male experience today of those situations of how we’re treated,” he said to Vibe in an interview.

His adoption of this rider comes after Frances McDorman closed her acceptance speech at the 2018 Oscars to promote inclusion riders in the film industry.

The Black Panther villain announced the adoption on Instagram.

“In support of the women & men who are leading this fight, I will be adopting the Inclusion Rider for all projects produced by my company Outlier Society. I’ve been privileged to work with powerful woman & persons of color throughout my career & it’s Outlier’s mission to continue to create for talented individuals going forward. If you want to learn more about how to support the cause,” he posted.

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