Nas Drops Kanye Produced Album ‘Nasir’

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Nas live-streamed the release of his new Kanye-produced album, ‘Nasir’ at his listening party in New York Thursday night. As soon as the album began playing, the Mass Appeal Live Stream crashed making the party play the album in full twice.

Check out the archived stream:

‘Nasir’ is the follow up album to his 2012 release ‘Life is Good.’ Almost two years ago, the rapper released a song with DJ Khaled entitled, “Nas Album Done.”

This new album reportedly focuses largely on controversial issues and recent events in the news. Nas includes a song on the album which talks about the incident in the Philadelphia Starbucks which two black men were arrested, sparking boycotts and protests against the coffee chain.

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“If Starbucks is bought by Nestle, please don’t arrest me,” He raps.

The super producer has been very busy lately. Kanye first announced the new album back in April after announcing the release of Pusha T’s album ‘Daytona,’ his album ‘Ye,’ his joint album with Kid Cudi ‘Kids See Ghosts,’ and Teyana Taylor’s album.

All of the previously released albums also had a listening party. Pusha T held his party in New York. Kanye held his listening party in Wyoming and premiered his joint album at the ‘Kids See Ghosts’ listening party in Los Angeles.

‘Nasir’ marks the fourth album to be released with Kanye’s name attached. The next album GOOD Music plans to release is from Teyana Taylor, which will be June 22.

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