Nene Leakes Grandchild’s Mother Ready To Land Reality Show And Bear It All

Contributed by Shawna Mizelle

Nene Leakes’ eldest son Brice is now in the hot seat due to a woman named Symone Davis who alleges Brice is the father of her son Blaze Kai. Blaze who is one years old has never been publicly acknowledged by Brice or any members of the Leakes family.

Symone Davis has been very vocal about her relationship with Brice on Instagram the past few months. In August Symone shared multiple pictures of her and Bryce together accompanied with a caption that read, ‘So to all you people that keep asking if I really have a baby by #NeneLeakes son #Brice & why I don’t talk about them. Well your answer is YES! & there’s absolutely nothing to talk about. I am NOT with him. I left him alone way back in 2017.’ The last photo seems to be a photo of Symone, Blaze, and Brice in the bed together. Although Brice’s face can’t clearly be made out it is pretty convincing.

More recently on Saturday, Davis took to Instagram to say her and Brice have the opportunity to do two reality shows but Brice isn’t interested. Check out the post below.

Opinions were all over the place in the comments section.

Kingwill1972 said, “I dont blame him. Hes been. Embarresed on tv enough. Money aint everything…..all money aint good money.”

Ms.bullockcarter07 said, “Better for him to do the show to give people both sides of the story.”

Lovelylawson101 said, “So you want people to tune in to watch a show about you bashing a man you decided to have a child with?? Yeah I’ll pass.”

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