Nicki Minaj Gives $25,000 To Dozens of Fans For College

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Nicki Minaj has given $25,000 to her fans as part of her social media scholarship contest, “#StudentOfTheGame.”

This is the second time the YMCMB rapper has given away college scholarships to her fans via social media. After one fan asked for some tuition assistance via twitter last year, the star went on an impromptu giveaway, throwing twitter into a frenzy.

The unexpected wave eventually led to the creation of her #StudentOfTheGame initiative where she offers to fund a wide variety of college expenses—including tuition, books, room and board and more.

We really do need rappers like her.

To enter the competition, a current, future, or recently-graduated college student can simply share their need, including the specific dollar amount of the expense(s), on social media using the #StudentofTheGame hashtag. Nicki and her team will then search the hashtag to choose an unidentified number of winners, whom she will message privately to share the news, and sometimes even announce it publicly via her Twitter account.

Some winners even came forward to announce their excitement.

The rap queen is still not done. Minaj went on twitter to declare she will be announcing a new list of winners on June 11.

To learn more about the scholarship contest and how you could win too, see here.

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