Obamas To Move To This DC Neighborhood In 2017

The Obamas have decided to move to the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C. in 2017, according to The National Journal. The neighborhood is just east of Massachusetts Avenue NW.

The Obamas have decided to stay in the area until Sasha completes high school. The home is reported to be within walking distance of the ambassadorial residences of Britain, the European Union, France, Iceland and Portugal. President Obama will be the first president to live in D.C. after his presidential term since Woodrow Wilson in 1921. Click here to see The Obamas’ gorgeous new home.

I’m just psyched to know that I’ll be working not too far from The Obamas’ new home and hope to run into them as I navigate D.C. Keepin’ my fingers crossed…

By the way, here are some photos taken of Kalorama:

#washingtondc #house #architecture #leaves #spring #garden

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It may as well be spring

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District façades ⚜

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Beautiful spring day in Kalorama 🌷

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And spring returns, finally 🌸

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I love everything about this city #DC #spring 🌷

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