Orlando Brown Checks Himself Into Rehab

Contributed by Anaya Ray 

Orlando Brown, or as many use to call him Eddie from hit Disney show That’s So Raven, has checked himself into rehab.

In recent years Orlando Brown has been in the spotlight consuming social media with his outlandish antics, from posting videos of him fighting with his girlfriend, to being found in a t-shirt and boxers hiding in a bedroom closet, to asking a random guy for his clothes after being released from jail.  

Just a month ago, Brown was arrested for breaking into his friend, Danny Boy, Vegas owned restaurant. On top of that, the cops were called to a San Fernando Valley hotel last Sunday on Brown after he went ballistic.

With the constant antics, friends have expressed much concern of his well-being. 

According to the Source, his friend, Danny Boy, initially planned to get Brown help back in August but unfortunately had to postpone due to Brown being arrested again.

The actor finally agreed to rehab with the help of Danny Boy who organized an intervention for him.

Orlando Brown is now receiving help for mental health and substance abuse issues.

(Click the link below to watch Brown’s intervention)





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