Queen Latifah Partners With Electus On Female Comedian Travel Series

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Queen Latifah is partnering with production company, Electus, to bring a new female comedian travel documentary series.


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The rapper/actress will be producing with her Flavor Unit Entertainment banner. Flavor Unit’s Shakim Compere also executive producing. Chris Grant and Drew Buckley will executive produce for Electus, with Allison Mandell Hudson and Randi Michel also executive producing.

“There are so many funny, brilliant women in this industry, and – with plenty of successful male-driven travel series out there – a comedic docu-series about sisterhood and adventure is just the type of uncharted territory we want to plant our flag in,” Latifah tells Variety. “I’m so excited to develop a show that not only elevates and highlights female comedians, but also brings them together for an amazing time that will also be a trip for viewers.”

Currently titled, “Friends in Strange Places,” the show (much like Girls Trip) is set to focus on a pair of celebrity friends and follow them through their international travels and escapades.

While it’s unsure whether Queen will be one of those “funny, brilliant” women featured in the series, she makes a great fit for a character. The Girls Trip actress just announced her partnership with Katie Couric to bring more female storytellers to the big stage in Hollywood. 



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