R. Kelly Hires Bill Cosby’s Former Lawyer

Last week a Buzzfeed article accusing R&B singer R. Kelly of holding young women hostage in a sex cult went viral. Amidst these allegations, The Daily Mail reports that R. Kelly has reached out to Bill Cosby’s former lawyer, Monique Pressley.

Pressley is most known for being a legal contributor for many news outlets. Last August she stepped down from Cosby’s legal team.

According to the original Buzzfeed article, R. Kelly, 50, had allegedly been keeping six women under strict rules they must abide by, or they’ll experience “various consequences.” Kelly has denied these allegations reacting as “alarmed” and “disturbed.”

R. Kelly has previously been represented by Linda Mensch, who also denied Kelly’s involvement with a sexual cult. Pressley has yet to confirm or deny taking on R. Kelly as a client.

 – Contributed by Devyn Rorie

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