RHOA Sheree Whitfield Isn’t Sure If Kenya Moore Is Legally Married

Sheree Whitfield appeared on the Wendy Williams Show to give fans a look into the new season of Bravo’s hit reality show ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ 

While on the show, Wendy asked about Kenya Moore‘s marriage and husband. While Sheree claims she hasn’t seen official documentation of their marriage, she does admit Kenya is more pleasant to be around this season.

“I have not seen any documentation,” she said. “I have not seen a marriage certificate or license or any of that. However I know that whatever they’re doing, I want her to keep doing that because when I tell you this b-tch is so much more pleasant this season. I’m able to be in the same room with her. She’s pleasant. She’s just not so evil as she’s been in the past.”

Sheree went on to talk about her current relationship with a guy named Tyrone who is currently in jail. The two dated years ago and lost contact. He has reached out to her in recent years and the two reconnected. According to Sheree, he is currently serving time for a while collar crime of wire fraud.

“This is a guy I dated, back, maybe six years ago. We had a really good connection back then, we lost contact —meaning he went to jail. I did not know. He contacted me a couple years ago and we’ve been talking.”

Sheree admits she is in love and happy, for the first time in a very long time. Congratulations Sheree!

The reality show star mentioned that actress and model Eva Marcille has joined the cast as well.

The new season airs Sunday evening.


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