Sade Releases New Music For ‘Widows’ Movie

Contributed by Shawna Mizelle

Sade Adu recently shared new music as a part of the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Widows.

The movie Widows features Viola Davis, Liam Neesen and Daniel Kaluuya. The film is about four widows who connect through a life of crime following their husbands deaths.

Sade shared the link to her new song titled “The Big Unknown” along with a flyer for the movie via Twitter. The link takes you to a YouTube video that pairs her song to scenes from the movie with lyrics on screen.

The director of the film, Steve McQueen, told the LA Times,

Her music works in complete harmony with the film, it is a perfect combination. Working with Sade was a powerful experience — we had many deep conversations about the song which is extremely heartfelt and moving. I feel so lucky that she has made this beautiful song for my film.”

‘The Big Unknown’ is the second song has Sade released this year. The other song is ‘Flower of the Universe’ which was a part of the soundtrack for Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time film.

Widows is set to release tomorrow and Sade’s voice can be heard during the final scene of the movie.

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