Samsung Users Report Pictures Being Sent To Random Contacts

Attention Samsung users! Your phone could be spontaneously sending photos from your camera roll to random contacts and there’s no way to confirm this is happening unless a contact reaches out to let you know. Scary! Dangerous.

According to reports, one user says his phone sent all his photos to his girlfriend. The messages are being sent through Samsung’s default texting app Samsung Messages. The Messages app does not show users that files have been sent.

A Samsung spokesperson tells The Verge it’s “aware of the reports” and that its technical teams are “looking into it.” More reports indicate that Galaxy S9, S9+ and Galaxy Note 8 devices are affected, but may not be the only ones afflicted with the bug. Samsung is encouraging customers experiencing this issue to call the company directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG.

“Samsung has reviewed this matter thoroughly these past few days; however, there were no hardware or software issues found to be relevant to this particular case. While there have been no known similar customer reports globally, we will continue to investigate this issue further,” a spokesperson told CNBC by email on Tuesday.

For now, Samsung owners can revoke Samsung Message’s permissions to access storage to avoid the bug from sending their files out in the wild.


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