Official Trailer for ‘Whitney’ Released

Whitney made its debut at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday. The documentary sheds fresh light on iconic singer Whitney Houston’s tragic and puzzling rise-and-fall story.

The documentary’s director Kevin Macdonald said in an interview, “This is a film about family, I think, and about what your upbringing does to you. The consequences of it.”

Deadline reports:

“Interviewing Houston’s closest family and friends, Macdonald made two illuminating new discoveries that appear in the film: one, that the singer had been abused as a child, and, two, that the abuser was a woman, Houston’s cousin Dee-Dee Warwick, the late sister of soul icon Dionne. Dee-Dee Warwick died in 2008.”

Macdonald interviewed more than 70 family members and friends but could only use less than half of the information he received. He claims he was surprised that six years after the death of the iconic singer, people close to her still have difficulty talking about Whitney. He had to gain the trust of those he interviewed and over time, he gained the trust of a number of those individuals.

Bobby Brown, Cissy Houston, Whitney’s two brothers – Pat and Gary Houston, and former assistant Mary Jones were among those interviewed for this documentary.

According to the interview Whitney’s mother is frail, has trouble remembering some things and visibly uncomfortable but things changed once he took Cissy to the church where Whitney grew up as a child, things changed.

“I was just wanting her to do a couple of visual elements. And then she started talking, and she suddenly became much more focused and…coherent I guess, because I think being in that place brought everything into sharp focus for her. And so I used those little bits of her in the church as her presence in the film. But I kind of always felt like, what else do you need her to say, really? She is a woman who is a mother, who is in pain, who you don’t really want to prod because you feel like she’s been through enough,” Macdonald told Deadline.

The movie hits theaters here in the U.S. on July 6.


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