Stephon Clark: Another Unarmed Black Man Murdered By Police

These headlines are becoming all too familiar. Stephon Clark, 22, is the latest unarmed Black man shot and killed by police.

Sacramento police say two officers were responding to a call of a man breaking at least three vehicle windows Sunday night. Clark, who was unarmed, was shot in the backyard of his grandmother’s home, where he was staying. Video footage released Wednesday shows the officers yelling that Clark had a gun before firing. No gun was found at the scene. Officers later said Clark was in fact holding a cell phone, not a gun.

Clark’s grandmother, Sequita Thompson, was home at the time of the shooting and said she never heard officers identify themselves.

“The only thing that I heard was pow, pow, pow, pow, and I got to the ground,” Thompson said. “I opened that curtain and he was dead. I started screaming.”

Outraged community activists are calling on police to conduct a full investigation into the incident.

The two officers involved in the fatal shooting have been placed on paid administrative leave while officials conduct an investigation. The officers were wearing body cameras during the incident.

Clark leaves behind a partner, Salena Manni, and the couple’s two young sons, 3-year-old Aiden and 1-year-old Cairo.

“I know for a fact he was so scared, scared for his life,” Manni said in an interview. “He had too much to lose… he would never want to leave his kids.”


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