The Braxtons Refuse To Tape Next Season of Reality Show; Demanding To Be Paid More

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‘Braxton Family Values’ fans will have to wait for season 6, Madamenoire reports, as the family is refusing to tape the rest of the season until they get higher pay.

The ladies will not be returning until their contracts have been renegotiated with WeTV and Magical Elves Productions revising certain terms in their contracts that include increases in their wardrobe and travel stipends and their overall salaries, which should be raised to an “appropriate” level.

According to TMZ, All the sisters and their mother, Evelyn, were scheduled to tape last week in Atlanta, but only Traci showed up. So, WeTV shut down production until further notice.

While it’s unsure what the entire cast makes, Toni Braxton reportedly makes at least $15,000 per episode each season.

The Braxton Family is under contract through season nine, so the sisters will return to tv soon.

In the meantime, we’re sure they’re having fun making cameos on other popular TV shows. Check out this clip of sisters Trina and Towanda on VH1’s Hip Hop Squares!

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