Toni Braxton Reveals Fiancé Birdman Wants To Marry Before The End Of The Year

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Back in February, Grammy award-winning artist Toni Braxton and producer Bryan “Birdman” Williams announced their engagement, but since then Braxton has stated the couple has had setbacks in actually confirming a wedding date.

Fast forward 10 months later, Braxton opened up in an interview on the Wendy Williams Show that Birdman is ready for her to confirm a wedding date.

”He said before the year is out … so a couple of weeks.”

According to Ebony Magazine, the singer revealed that they had separate dates set but because of filming schedules with “Braxton Family Values”  and family issues things were not working out the way they planned.

Even though Braxton’s fiancé wants to have the wedding before the end of the year, and even mentioned just getting married in Vegas, the singer stressed how she’s holding out because she wants a big wedding.

Regardless, the “Breathe Again” singer says there’s a 70 percent chance the wedding will come before the year is over, as reported by People Magazine.

“To him, it’d be 100, like now,” she says.

Whether the couple will hear wedding bells this year or next Braxton has opened up to many, including Ebony, about their friendship turned relationship.

“We’ve been friends forever. We were friends who realized, ‘Wow, we really care for each other,’ Braxton shared. “I don’t think we ever expected this to turn into a relationship, he was just my buddy. He’d show me support, he’d come to see me in my plays, it was really a friendship that became something more.”

It became something more after Birdman proved to be more than a friend when he comforted Braxton during her tour in 2016 in the midst of her ongoing battle with lupus.

“The turning point for me was when I had a giant [lupus] flare, and I had obligated myself to go on tour. I was trying to still do it–even though I should’ve cancelled–and he told me, ‘I’m going to be out there with you just to make sure you’re OK.’”

Despite set backs in planning and family drama, the engaged couple is still on the path to wedding bells in the future.


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