Usher Releases Surprise New Album Days Before His 40th Birthday

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Usher is back on the music scene releasing a new album entitled “A”, his ninth album released since his start in the music industry.

The ‘You’ve Got It Bad’ singer dropped his album days before his 40th birthday and it is entirely produced by Atlanta-raised producer, Zaytoven.

Usher posted the news of his new album on his Instagram with pictures of the album cover, along with a picture of him and Zaytoven with the caption, “A OUT NOW.”

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According to People Magazine, “Say What You Want,” “Peace Sign,” and “You Decide” are three songs on the new album that are reminiscent of his biggest hits on the 2004 album Confessions. 

In an interview with The Fader, Usher opened up about his views on the album and the message behind it.

“I don’t think that there’s any way to not sound like what I’ve created in the past, but that wasn’t the purpose,”

“We really were just making music and … There are tones that are always gonna sound similar and if it makes you feel that way then that’s a great thing because that was a very successful album.”

The album, which consists of 8 tracks, has two songs featuring Atlanta native rapper Future and up-and-coming Atlanta rapper Gunna.

Gunna shared the song on Instagram expressing how honored he is to be featured on an Usher song.

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I’m Honored ! @usher Ft Me 🙏🏽🔥

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So far the album has received good feedback and praise, except from rapper and now podcast host Joe Budden who tweeted about the album saying how he wants the old thing back.

Even with such criticism, the R&B legend stressed to Fader that the album is simply a tribute to his hometown Atlanta and that it is a “spontaneous collection of songs” that he felt was good to put out.

As for future music Usher is working on his next full album with no release date as of yet.






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