Walt Disney World Tickets On The Rise

If you’re planning a family vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando, ticket prices just got a little expensive.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, “the increase comes as Disney tries to even out attendance throughout the year so guests aren’t stuck waiting in line and have a better time.”

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts generated $5.2 billion in revenue — a 13 percent increase — and attendance rose 6 percent in domestic parks, according to the earnings released Tuesday.

The increase will vary from park to park. A theme-park operator claims the increase will become effective on Sunday.

At the gate, a one-day regular Magic Kingdom ticket will cost $119, a $4 increase. A value ticket will cost $109, a $2 increase, while a peak ticket will now cost $129, a $5 increase.

For the other three parks — Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom — prices are also increasing.

A one-day regular ticket is $114, a $7 increase. A value ticket will cost $102, a $3 increase, while a peak ticket is $122, a $3 increase.

Parking per car will also increase from $22 a day, up from $20, and preferred parking $45, up from $40.


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