Wendy Williams Invites Clark Sisters To Perform After Bashing Them

Contributed by Amaya Starkey

As we reported earlier this week, Wendy Williams landed herself in hot water due to the negative comments she made about the legendary gospel group The Clark Sisters in the “Hot Topics” segment of her show.

This Wednesday, Williams discussed her comments with fans who were upset with what she stated about The Clark Sisters music.

According to Ebony, Williams comments stemmed from her discussion about the gospel charts where she said the Clark sisters should be upset about the success of Snoop Dogg‘s gospel album.

Williams originally stated “If I were the Clark Sisters, would I be mad that Snoop got No. 1?” Wendy asked the audience. “You know the Clark Sisters, they’ve been doing gospel forever. Have they gotten No. 1?”

Williams went to Instagram and discussed her true intentions for the comments.

Clark Sisters, I love you and hope to see you on the show soon! XO, WW

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“I didn’t mean anything bad about the Clark sisters. This is what I’m going to do. Pack up some pretty dresses and come to New York.” she said. She concluded the video by asking the group to perform.

It would be interesting to see the Clark sisters appear on the show. Do you think that they should forgive Wendy?


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