Wendy Williams Loses Major Sponsor After Speaking Out Against HBCUs

Talk show host Wendy Williams has put her foot in her mouth once again and this time it’s costing her money. A couple of weeks ago Wendy Williams spoke out against HBCUs and the NAACP following actor Jesse Williams‘ poignant BET Music Awards acceptance speech. As she spoke she noticed her studio audience was completely silent. That should have been an indication to the gossip queen to shut her trap. If you missed her “ignorant” comments, take a listen:

TV One‘s morning show host Roland Martin read Wendy on his show following her controversial comments. If you missed this segment, we have that for you as well.

Sheesh Wendy! This is NOT one of your best moments dear. Well after Wendy’s comments went viral, she attempted to clean up her mess.Here’s what she had to say:

It was definitely a little too late for that. Here’s why. Chevy, a major sponsor of The Wendy Williams Show, pulled a large buy from her hit talk show. That’s right, Wendy’s coin has now been affected. And reportedly, this wasn’t a small buy either. The buy included a promotional Chevy Malibu car giveaway, custom digital content and social media content for the remainder of 2016. Ouch! That is definitely going to hurt.

We’re interested to see how this continues to pan out and we’ll keep you posted on any future developments.



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