What You’re Saying About LeBron James Going To The Lakers

Contributed by BreAnna Bell

LeBron James announced his choice to move to the Los Angeles Lakers just 24 hours into his free agency, Sunday night and he’s already been accepted by some of LA’s finest.

James agreed to the four year deal worth $154 million after meeting with some of his closest associates in what some are calling his “decision cave,” the $75,000 a week beachfront villa he owns in Anguilla. He can opt out of his contract, which he will be able to sign by Friday, after three years. The Los Angeles Times claims the key factor in his decision seemed to be a visit from Magic Johnson.

Fans of the historic franchise reeled from his decision which came just after the highly sought out Paul George announced Saturday night that he was returning to the OKC Thunder in a $137 million four year contract. Shortly after James announced his move, the Lakers acquired JaVale McGee from the Golden State Warriors.

Lakers fans will have to beware because it seems LeBron fans are following LeBron on his move west as well.


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