‘The Fresh Prince’ Has A New Role As Genie In The New Live Version Of ‘Aladdin’

Contributed by Anaya Ray 

Actor Will Smith made a special announcement on his Instagram stating he will be playing the Genie in the latest adaptation of the Disney classic Aladdin.

Smith shared the poster for the movie with the caption, “LEMME OUT!! Can’t wait for y’all to see Me BLUE.”

According to USA Today, the cast also includes Mena Massoud, star of Amazon’s “Jack Ryan” TV series, as Aladdin, and “Power Rangers” star Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine. Directing the live action remake of the 1992 movie is Guy Ritchie.

Smith also posted himself at the Taj Mahal recently… possibly “getting his Genie on”, as he stated in a post of himself with his cast members on the set last September.

The live action version of Aladdin will hit theaters on May 24, 2019.

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