A Black Couple Purchases 53-Acres Of Land To Pass Down To Their Children

Talk about breaking generational curses. A black couple recently made all of their dreams come true after they acquired a huge amount of land to pass down to their children and grandchildren, 53 acres to be exact.

Rachel Rodgers shared on her Instagram how herself and her husband made a life-changing purchase and the world had to know. Rachel is a business coach and entrepreneur who spent 10 years on this purchase and can finally share with the world their new accomplishment. The caption read “Two poor black kids from Brooklyn and Queens, this shouldn’t be our story but it is”.

She continues telling the story of overcoming trials and believing one day it would all pay off. “After closing this week, my husband and I walked around the property, passing the stables and guest cottage. Passing the open meadows and the little river. It felt surreal. Here’s what I want you to know: your dreams are within reach. They are possible. They are unfolding even now. Even when you think it’s all over”. She continued in her social media post.

What started as a hustle turned into a multi-generational piece of wealth. Real estate is known for allowing people to create opportunities and leave an inheritance for their families.