Celebrating The Holidays Safely

As COVID cases continue to rise throughout the country, leaders suggest staying home and avoid traveling this Thanksgiving Holiday. Like many people, the pandemic has created a sense of restlessness and people want to spend time with their families for the holiday.

To celebrate safely, avoid inviting high risk family members over. This includes the elderly or people with underlying conditions who are more likely to contract the virus. If a few kids want to come over and play outside, that is ok, according to sources. Also, leading up to the holidays, quarantine or take precautions about 10 days before visiting someone. Do not put yourself in harms way and gather with others in the case there is a spread. It will make the holiday a lot safer for everyone.

Travel is a huge concern as cases vary from state to state. Catching a flight is safe at the moment as they are cleaning routinely and making sure the air is well ventilated. Driving is also safe as long as you are wearing a mask and sanitizing to gas up the car or stop for food. Hosting holidays outdoors is an even wiser decision as it gives others space and breathing room. Keeping your distance is key to avoiding catching COVID. Have one person serving food or if you are going to serve yourself, don’t go while others are preparing their plates.

Lastly, stay educated on the virus. COVID-19 is not airborne. You can only contract the virus through droplets. This means through saliva or aerosolized.