Changes Coming To DC Fire And EMS, Washington Monument Needs 9-Month Closure

Sources Say Major Changes Coming In DC Fire And EMS Top Command

Big changes are said to be coming to the top command of DC Fire and EMS. Sources tell News-4 that Chief Gregory Dean will reassign and replace two of his deputy chiefs, and the president of the DC firefighters union, Ed Smith, will be made a battalion chief. Smith’s promotion will mean new leadership for the DC Firefighters Association. The changes are expected to be announced in early September.

Special Metro Board Meeting Held

Several safety issues are being highlighted at a special Metro board meeting today. A lot of discussion is focused on last month’s derailment at the East Falls Church station and the possibility that track inspectors falsified reports before the incident. Other concerns on the table are red light running by train operators and the failure to properly use handbrakes in railyards and at train stations. Metro officials say they have so many safety issues to resolve that it will take a long time to fix them all.

NPS: Washington Monument Needs 9-Month Closure For Repairs

The Washington Monument will need an extended closure of at least nine months. According to the National Park Service, the problematic elevator in the center of the 555-foot obelisk will need to be completely renovated and modernized. It’ll take a complete shutdown of the structure and somewhere between two- and three-million-dollars to get the job done. For now, the monument will stay closed until mid-September to finish immediate repairs. It’s unclear when the extended closure will begin.

Report: Swimmer Lochte To Be Summoned To Brazilian Court

U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte can expect a new invitation to Brazil. There are reports the gold medalist will be summoned to testify in front of Brazil’s Justice Department about his story of being robbed at gunpoint during the Rio Olympics. Lochte has publicly apologized for what he called an “over-exaggeration” of the story. A Brazilian official says that if Lochte declines to return to Brazil he could be tried in absentia if he is charged with any crimes.

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