Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Special Reminds Us Why We Need Him Back

Is Dave Chappelle back like he never left? According to social media, he is! Chappelle’s stand-up specials premiered at midnight on Netflix and social media went absolutely CRAZY!

The specials come after a 10-year hiatus after famously walking away from a lucrative $50M deal. The specials, previously recorded earlier this year, are a re-introduction into the comedy world.

Fans became impatient when the special was not released exactly at midnight. Fans began going off in anticipation but that didn’t last very long.

Following the premiere, comedian Kevin Hart paid homage to Chappelle:

Chappelle’s comedic genius returned and fans couldn’t be more excited. Social media is attributing his classic stand-up performances to “wokeness” on issues in the black community and comparing work of comedians Key n Peele with covering issues that are pertinent to blacks with comic relief. The argument comparing their comedy styles are surfacing on twitter. The debate centers around the idea that Chappelle said the two new comers owe their success to the Chappelle Show and he paved the way for their style.

Chappelle’s specials are now streaming on Netflix. Tweet us @WHURfm to let us know what you think.

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