DC Police Offer A Large Reward In A Drive By Shooting In S.E. Last Night…

DC Police offer a large reward in a drive-by shooting in S.E. last night…

Police are looking for suspects after a drive-by shooting in Southwest DC. It happened yesterday near the King Greenleaf Recreation Center. Police say one man was shot but his current condition isn’t known. The suspects were seen in a gold or silver four-door Chevy. A ten-thousand-dollar reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

President Trump stumps for new repeal and replace AHCA support..

With a repeal of Obamacare weighing heavily on the minds of many, President Trump is scheduled to discuss the issue of health care today with House committee chairs. Their talks come one day after White House spokesman Sean Spicer predicted that the Republican health care bill would definitely be passed and signed into law by the President. Asked about conservative critics of the GOP bill, Spicer said the White House welcomes constructive input. At the same time, the administration is taking steps to drum up support for the bill. Trump will hit the road next week to tout the American Health Care Act. He’ll be promoting the AHCA at a campaign-style rally in Nashville on Wednesday.

Washington NFL fans are fed up, rally planned today…

A long-simmering sense of dissatisfaction with the Washington NFL organization is coming to a boil this weekend. Hundreds of fed-up football fans are protesting outside of their headquarters in Ashburn today and tomorrow. The “Protest at Redskins Park” was spurred on by a tumultuous week for the team as they saw their franchise quarterback plead for a trade, several key players leave in free agency, and finally, their GM gets unceremoniously fired yesterday. Organizers say they don’t expect owner Dan Snyder to sell the team because of the rallies, but they hope it can provide a way for ‘Skins fans to vent.

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