Former Congresswoman Sentenced To Five Years In Prison, FBI Quiet About Officer’s Death Investigation

Former Congresswoman Sentenced To Five Years In Prison

Former Congresswoman Corrine Brown is looking at a five-year prison term. The Florida Democrat was sentenced in Jacksonville this morning. Brown and two co-defendants were convicted of fraud and tax penalties. The case centered on Brown’s use of charitable proceeds as a personal slush fund. The 71-year-old Brown served in Congress for more than two decades.

FBI Mum On Request To Take Over Officer’s Death Investigation

Baltimore police are still waiting to hear from the FBI on a request to take over the investigation into the shooting death of Detective Sean Suiter. Police Commissioner Kevin Davis made the request in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray on Friday. Suiter died the day after he was shot in the head with his own weapon nearly three weeks ago in West Baltimore. Investigators have indicated Suiter was involved in a struggle prior to the shooting, but police also say they are not ruling out the possibility that his death could have been a suicide.

Gas Main Break Shuts Down College Campus

Utility crews and firefighters are on the scene of a gas line break on the Germantown campus of Montgomery College. Several buildings near Observatory Drive were evacuated this morning as a precaution. One of the buildings evacuated is child care center. Multiple roads in the area have been shut down.

Supreme Court Considers Religious Objections To Serving Gay Customers

The Supreme Court is about to take up one of the most closely watched cases of the term. A Colorado baker says requiring him to make a cake for a gay wedding would violate his freedom of expression. But the couple he turned down says refusing to serve gay customers is illegal discrimination. The two sides meet in the High Court tomorrow. Legal experts say the case pits freedom of religion and expression against marriage equality and protection from discrimination.

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