Homophobia in 2015!!!

Here’s what we’re talking about this week on Pillow Talk with Angela Stribling. WHUR Fridays: Midnight – 2AM Here we are! It’s 2015! So much has changed in this world. African American President of the United States of America. Gay couples are getting married in many states. But when you look a little closer, has much really changed? In private conversations with close friends and family… People you trust… With no one around to judge you… Are you saying things that could be considered homophobic? Or, what do you say when someone makes a homophobic comment in your presence? Anything? #PillowTalkWithAngela #TuneIn this Friday! 😉 Thoughts?

Angela Stribling

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With her distinctive voice, appealing beauty, smoldering spirit and a heart with room enough for all, she’s internationally adored and a precious jewel of the Nation’s Capital. Angela Stribling has arrived at a place in her career akin to an Empress of Media. She has indelibly captivated eyes, ears and imaginations in her roles as Influencer, television host, radio broadcaster, eveningnews anchorwoman and voiceover professional. She is remembered for her class and grace served daily on Black Entertainment Television (BET). Angela's fans can hear during the wee hours of the morning as host of the sexy midnight radio program called Pillow Talk with Angela. Angela's talents know no bounds, she has already recorded two albums: the dynamic nightclub document Angela Stribling...Live (captured at the historic Blue Note in New York) and her studio recording from Tokyo, Japan (featuring special guest NAJEE on flute), a 9-song standards CD that is a luscious swing from Van Morrison’s “Moon Dance” to Horace Silver’s “Senor Blues!” Angela is also in training for her Private Pilot’s license, Angela Stribling is, literally, soaring to higher heights in all aspects of her amazing life. Angela can be heard Midnights on The Adult Mix, 96.3 WHUR and Sirius/XM Channel 141.

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