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SC Prosecutors Seeking Death Penalty Against Dylann Roof

South Carolina prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty against accused church shooter Dylann Roof.  The 21-year-old Roof is accused of fatally shooting nine black churchgoers at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston on June 17th.  Court documents filed today said the decision to push for the death penalty was based on aggravating circumstances.

Man Accused Of “White People” Death Threat

A man accused of threatening to “kill all the white people of La Plata” is under arrest.  Carlos Hollins of Waldorf is charged with threats of mass violence after authorities say he sent a tweet which starts out saying, “I’m not gonna stand for this no more.  Tonight we purge!”  The tweet ends with the hashtag, “Black Lives Matter.”  La Plata police put extra officers on patrol following the threat.

Judge Orders KY Court Clerk To Jail Over Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

A Kentucky court clerk is in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  A U.S. district judge today ruled Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis was in contempt of court and had her taken into custody.  Davis has cited religious beliefs for refusing to issue the marriage licenses.  Before today’s ruling, about 200 demonstrators from both sides of the issue gathered outside the courthouse in Ashland, many chanting slogans and holding signs.

Wooden Pipes Being Remove In PG

Crews are removing century-old wooden water mains buried in Prince George’s County today.  The pipes in the town of Mount Rainier were taken out of service in the 1940s, but not taken out of the ground.  The 70-year-old replacement pipes are also being removed and modern pipes will be installed.

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