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Cooling Centers open in our area for the start of this weeks “Heat” wave…

The Heat wave begins today. This afternoon it will feel like 100 degree’s. Area cooling centers are open for those in need. In the District the centers are at Judiciary Square, The Reeves Center and The King Office Building. In Prince George’s County you can go to the Camp Springs Senior Center, Glassmanor Community Center or The Sports and Learning Complex. You can go to our web site to find additional locations.

Anti-Planned Parenthood Rally set for the U.S. Capitol…

Right now hundreds are making their way to the U.S. Capitol for a Anti-Planned Parenthood Rally. Pro Life supporters want taxpayer money to stop going towards planned parenthood services. Planned Parenthood by the way receives more than $500 Million Dollars from government every year.

Prince George’s County new multi-million dollar Fort Washington Police Station will not open as planned next year….

A new 14 Million Dollar Police Station that is a month away from completion will not open next month as planned. The reason says officials, the county doesn’t have the money to staff the site. County Executive Rushern Baker blames the County Council for not approving his budget. The new Fort Washington Police Station will sit vacant until September of next year.

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