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Timeline Shows Long Wait For Help On Smoke-filled DC Subway
A timeline of the emergency response to a smoke-filled subway train in the nation’s capital shows that passengers were still asking when help would arrive 27 minutes after the smoke was first reported.  The timeline released Thursday by District of Columbia officials confirms the account of passengers who said they waited more than a half-hour for help. It does not disclose the time that paramedics actually reached the smoke-filled train.

WMATA Prepares For Possible Lawsuits

The Metro transit agency is preparing for a flood of possible lawsuits from people who were injured in Monday’s smoke incident on the Yellow Line.  Some passengers have already contacted lawyers.  More than 80 people were injured, and one person died in the incident.  Some victims say it took about a half-hour for emergency responders to arrive at the stranded train. 

DC Bill Would Allow People To Choose Life-Ending Drugs

A Washington, DC council member is proposing a bill that would let people take life-ending medicine when terminally ill.  Councilwoman Mary Cheh’s “Death with Dignity Act of 2015” mirrors similar policies in Oregon, Washington and Vermont.  She says she expects some opposition to the measure, however, she believes patients facing death should be able to “exercise self-determination in their final days.”

Obama Signs Paid Family Leave Executive Order

Federal agencies must offer employees up to six weeks of paid family leave after the birth of a child.  President Obama signed an executive memorandum ordering the measure at the White House today. Presidential spokesman Josh Earnest said Obama will ask Congress to expand the order beyond the federal workforce.

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