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Another Missouri Police Shooting Raises Tensions

Authorities in the St. Louis suburb of Berkeley are looking for a second man after a police shooting that left a teenager dead.  Last night’s incident started when an officer encountered two men at a gas station, one of them an 18-year-old African American.  He apparently pointed a gun at the officer who opened fire.  The shooting took place not far from Ferguson where Michael Brown was killed by a police officer over the summer, sparking nationwide protests. 

Stormy Christmas Causing Flight Delays

Rainy weather in the eastern half of the nation is causing hundreds of Christmas Eve flight delays and cancellations.  The flight tracking website shows that Chicago’s O’Hare leads the way with about 100 flights canceled.  Over 40 flights have been canceled at Philadelphia International Airport.  A big storm is moving across the Midwest, Northeast and parts of the Deep South and is bringing with it heavy rain, fog, thunderstorms and some snow.  So far today, over 16-hundred flights at U.S airports have been delayed.

Baltimore Threat Prompts More Security At New York Police Precincts

Security is being ramped up at all New York City police precincts following the murders of two Brooklyn cops and a number of threats to station houses.  The NYPD set up SWAT teams at two Bed-Stuy precincts Tuesday night after learning of an apparent gang plot to shoot it out with cops at two station houses.  The “New York Post” says a confidential informant told police the threat came from the Baltimore-based Black Guerrilla Family.   

Family Number One When It Comes To Christmas

Christmas is still about family for most Americans.  A new survey from finds that the number one destination for those traveling this holiday season is their family home.  Almost one-fifth of respondents say they’ll be making a trip to their family home to celebrate this year.

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