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Anger Around The World At CIA Report

Worldwide outrage is being sparked by a report on the CIA’s use of torture.  Russia ripped the Obama administration which it said has not lifted a finger to punish anyone despite having formally banned torture.  North Korea blasted the UN for turning a blind eye to what it called “the inhuman torture practiced by the CIA.”

Legal Pot In DC In Jeopardy

Supporters of legalized marijuana in Washington DC are responding to a spending bill rider aimed at nullifying the results of a November referendum.  This afternoon, activists entered the constituent office of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid demanding the rider be removed.  DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton is offering an amendment to strike both the marijuana and abortion riders from the bill. 

Oil Prices Continue To Fall

The Dow is taking a triple digit hit as falling oil prices led to a down day on Wall Street.  All three major indexes fell over one and a-half percent.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 268 points to 17-533.

New NFL Personal Conduct Policy

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is introducing a tough new personal conduct policy today during a NFL team owners in Irving, Texas.  The new policy will include paid leave for players, owners and all NFL personnel formally charged with domestic violence or who become the subject of an independent investigation.  The revisions come after high-profile domestic cases involving former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and currently suspended Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson.

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