Jeopardy Contestants Celebrate Black History Month By Avoiding Questions on Black History

jeopardy_blkhistoryIs this another reason WHY it’s important to celebrate Black History Month?  Because it looks like many college students aren’t taking it as an elective.

During Monday night’s Jeopardy broadcast, the first Semifinal match of the college tournament, the competitors made quick work of all of the board’s categories except one.

The participants—Whitney Thompson, a junior at the University of Oklahoma; Tucker Pope, a junior at Texas A&M University; and Laurie Beckoff, a sophomore at the University of Chicago—breezed through a number of questions during the second round on topics ranging from “Weather Verbs” and “Kiwi Fauna,” to “World Cinema Showcase,” and “Talk Nerdy to Me,” but were hesitant when it came to the topic of “African American History.”

As a matter of fact, the trio left the Black History category until the very end, because…save the best for last?

Let’s be clear: The African American history questions were not difficult at all. One read, “In August of 2013, bells rang out across the country to mark the 50th anniversary of his ‘I Have A Dream Speech,’” and another said, “It’s showtime at this Harlem theater that began hosting its amateur night in 1934.”

While the entire scene made for slightly uncomfortable, yet awkwardly hilarious viewing, the contestants answered three of the five questions correct, only missing the ones pertaining the 1st Rhode Island Regiment and Scottsboro Boys. Yay?

Take a look (skip to the 15:56 mark):


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