Police Officer Killed In Beltway Crash, New Vents Open Near Hawaii Volcano

Police Officer Killed In Beltway Crash

Springfield, VA – The Prince George’s County Police Department is in mourning following the death of a veteran officer. Kevin Brooks was behind the wheel when he suffered a medical emergency on Tuesday and crashed on I-395 just north of the Capital Beltway. Virginia State Police say his car hit a truck, then hit a wall before hitting a second truck. The 44-year-old Brooks died at a hospital. He was a Prince George’s County police officer for 12 years. He was not on duty at the time of the crash.

Officials Considering New Name For Jefferson Davis Highway in Alexandria

Alexandria, VA – Jefferson Davis Highway in Alexandria could soon have a new name. A proposed ordinance would remove the president of the Confederacy’s name from U.S. Route 1 and replace it with Richmond Highway, which is what the road is called in Fairfax County. The City Council voted last night to put the proposed ordinance on its June 23rd agenda for a public hearing with the goal of having the name changed by next year.

Trump Appreciates Release Of Americans From North Korea

Washington, DC – The White House is welcoming today’s release of three Americans by North Korea. Opening a Cabinet meeting today, President Trump said the move was expected and he appreciates it. The three will be coming home with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo early tomorrow. Trump said he thinks he has a very good chance of making a great deal with North Korea at his upcoming meeting with Kim Jong Un. He was asked if he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize and said, quote — “Everyone thinks so but I would never say it.”

Haspel Grilled In Senate Confirmation Hearing

Washington, DC – CIA director nominee Gina Haspel is vowing not to restart any unlawful interrogation practices. In a Senate confirmation hearing today, Haspel did not apologize for her role in the controversial practices after the 9-11 attacks. When asked how she would respond to a presidential order, Haspel repeated that she would not approve waterboarding or any other form of torture. Several protesters were removed from the hearing room. Some chanted, “No more torture!” Haspel is a career CIA operative and manager.

Two New Vents Open Near Hawaii Volcano

Pahoa, HI – Officials in Hawaii are ordering new evacuations near the Kilauea [[ KILL-uh-WAY-uh ]] volcano. Two new fissures split open yesterday on Hawaii’s Big Island, spewing sulfur dioxide gas and oozing lava into area neighborhoods. Residents in the area are being ordered to evacuate. Dozens of homes have been destroyed since the eruptions began on May 3rd. There are now 14 volcanic vents spewing gas and lava near Kilauea.

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