Reality Star Lovely MiMi Catches Herself Before Saying The N-Word On YouTube

In society, the derogatory term of the “N-word” is highly controversial. Its original context was used to belittle black people during slavery, segregation, and still till this day. However, others argue that it is not used as a term of endearment and saying that it is a cultural term.

Well, Love and Hip-Hop star Lovely Mimi has received backlash for using this term, that she
says was an accident on her YouTube Live.

She responded in another video where she explains how she knows that she made a mistake and has stopped saying the word publicly because of its meaning, so this was just a slip up. Many people called Mi Mi racist for using this word, and her response was interesting. She stated that her children, friends are black; that she dates black men; and that she has done a lot for the black community doing giveaways, charity, and hiring black women in her nail salons. She then says that if you have not done anything for your community or the black community, you cannot call her a racist.

Check her video out here!

Does all of this exclude Mi Mi and others from being called a racist for using this word?